Scientific Sessions

  • Soil as a C and N sink – Who is the major player, soil minerals, soil organic matter quality, microbial activity or their interplay?
  • New physical, chemical and biological analytical approaches – How can they lead us to a better understanding of soil interfaces?
  • Ecological disturbances – How do mismanagement of soils (overgrazing, erosion etc.) or natural disasters (fire, flooding etc.) affect the interplay between soil minerals, SOM and microorganisms?
  • Dynamics of pollutants at soil interfaces – What is new and how can environmental biotechnology be beneficial for soil restoration and bioremediation?
  • Soil amendments (biochar, composts and digestates) – How do they affect interactions at soil interfaces?
  • Nutrient availability in soils – Can our knowledge on soil interfaces improve biotechnological approaches or soil management to decrease the need for artificial fertilizers?

Scientific program:

Sunday, June 23, 2019:

15:00 – 18:00                       Registration (Reception hall of the Hotel Silken Al Andalus)